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Right Here Waiting.... ^.^

This one’s for you my Zhenya… mwaah! :** <3 :))

Attempt #2! ;) :D <3


Hello.. n_n <3
#TumblrLoveNote No. 2 :]] <33


If someone were to ask me, “BRIEFLY describe Alisa”, it would be one of the hardest things in the world for me.. unless this person is talking about a LENGTHY tumblr note then yes this person would get a ‘BRIEF’ answer.. ;D …How can I BRIEFLY describe the most wonderful, lovely, cutest, sweetest & most adorable person I’ve EVER had the pleasure of knowing? haha n_n <3 ..I mean, I’m sittin’ here in this LAME office [& BTW I’m writing this on Wordpad instead of Tumblr cuz this office’s internet doesn’t work.. -.- haha :PP] & I swear I’ve been trying all day to get you off my mind.. but I’m proud to say that I’ve failed MISERABLY.. hehe :P ..What have you done to me Querida?? :PP <3 xoxo

Ever since you came into my life nearly 6 months ago… it’s been turned upside down.. in a good way ofcourse.. :PP ..& it makes me sooooo very glad that we started out in the best way possible.. as ”JUST friends” :P ..cuz that’s EXACTLY how the PERFECT relationship starts.. hehe :]] <3 ….& after that it’s like a BLUR………… cuz I don’t know exactly when you became the most important person in my life EVER…. it was THAT quick! <333 :P ..You’re love was like the SWEEETEST Big Show Knockout Punch… I didn’t know what hit me.. <3 :D …& now I’m VERY pleased to say that I haven’t gotten up from the blow ever since.. <333 :PP :***

October 2012…. Does that ring a bell sweetie? :P ..For me…. it’ll easily go down as one of the happiest & most memorable months in my entire life.. :]] ..cuz its in this very month that we fell in love with each other.. ^-^ I think its time I let you in on a little secret.. shhhh.. <3 :PP ..TBH I wasnt sure how you REALLY felt about me UNTIL you made that vid for me.. :P ..I mean to say… I had a HUNCH cuz I could kinda judge by the way you talked to me & ALWAYS cared for me [like the CUTIE that you were, are & always will be.. haha n__n <3] but I was in NO doubt when I saw that vid.. cuz it’s the CUTEST & LOVLIEST thing ANY girl has ever done for me.. :’)) <333 I’m sure I’d STILL get butterflies in my tummy if I saw that vid right now.. >.< :P …& well….. the rest as they say… is history… :P <333

Fast forward to this day - January 22nd, 2013, 2:28 PM… believe me I STILL feel the same way… NOTHING has changed! :P I STILL get butterflies in my tummy whenever you say that you love me or when you say that you wanna hug/kiss/cuddle with me so badly or that you’ve been missing me all day or when you write me somethin’ in your EXTREMELY cute handwriting.. >.< ..You’ve got about 967396739523659251257 ways by which you can cast your spell on me.. :]] [I remember what you said last night… NO I’m NOT blinded.. Pfff :P haha :PP]

Two words babe… LAST NIGHT… I dont wanna sound like Booker T but.. OH.. MY.. GOODNESS! <3 :PP was AMAZING! >.< :D [BTW if you’re thinking I mean to sound DIRTY then I didnt mean to.. honest.. :D] You were a little EXTRA cute & lovely & I swear if I were there.. I would’ve stayed up ALL NIGHT with you.. :]] ..& my love…. I swear I would’ve given you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many hugs & kisses.. >_< xoxo ..I just can’t describe how DEEPLY in love I am with you Darling.. :** :]] ..I already know I’m NEVER gonna be able to love another woman the way I love you.. & that’s exactly why even as much as thinking about another girl is a SIN for me.. mwaah! :** <333

                             I could go on singing praises of Mi Amor ALL day.. but I don’t want this note to be so long that you wanna fall asleep before you could even half read it! [I wouldn’t blame you if you already did.. <3 ;PP]

I really hope you enjoyed this PATHETIC attempt to BRIEFLY describe you but I’m sorry for it’s not possible for me [lol don’t say I ruined the romantic with what I’ve just said.. haha :DD <3] ..but I told ya that I’d pour my heart out into it & that’s exactly what I did.. :P <333
                             Waiting ever so IMPATIENTLY for you to respond to this.

    YOUR Querido :*** <3



Hello Sweetheart :]] <3

                I ALWAYS wanted to do this.. to be UNBOUND of the 140 characters & to tell you exactly what I wanna tell you! hehe ;P ..I just wanted to give you a recap of the last 2 months or so of my life & how I got to where I am right now.. :] SO PUT UR READING GLASSES ON GRANDMA! ;PP

                You remember that my Dad’s a Govt Officer in the Audit & Accounts Department for our Govt right? :P Well.. Baba [& his department] are HUGE reasons why I’m a SAP Professional.. :D ..Cuz you see…. my dad’s department [its name is PIFRA - Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing.. thats the ONLY thing I know abt dad’s dept. hahaha ;P] was the FIRST to use SAP in Pak EVER in ‘99! & one more thing I wanted to tell ya is that another German company… SIEMENS… is responsible for installing SAP in all companies in Pak.. :]] So, ever since Siemens installed SAP in Dad’s dept. in ‘99.. PIFRA & Siemens have developed an understanding & a strong relationship b/w themselves.. :]] ..& do you remember the Academy to which I went to train for 4 weeks? :P That belongs to Siemens as well! :]] ..What my dad’s dept does is that after a gap of a few months, it sends a batch of 5-10 officers belonging to PIFRA to the Siemens Academy so that they can become SAP Professionals.. & my Dad’s incharge of this process! ;P ..& that means he’s got the authority to choose which officers will/will not go for training.. & that’s where I come into the story.. ;PP

                  You see.. Dad always had confidence in me that I’d be able to pass this exam.. :]] ..but my problem was I didnt have the required degree [atleast a Bachelor’s] to be eligible for this training. But since Dad was Incharge.. he was able to sneak me into the Academy w/o a Bachelor’s Degree! ;P ..& all this cuz SIEMENS & my Dad’s office have a great working relationship! :D my Dad requested me to keep my identity hidden from my classmates.. cuz you see.. the ppl that are selected from Dad’s office for this training receive a special discount from SIEMENS.. the fee that u have to send to SAP for this exam [in normal circumstances] is US 500 DOLLARS!!! 0_o haha ;D ..but luckily I didnt even have to pay that fee thx to Dad! ;D

                     I’m soooooo very happy that Baba’s faith in me was rewarded.. :]] ..& I can tell thats he’s sooo very proud of me.. :’)) ..Little does anyone know that its cuz of YOUR PRAYERS that I was successful.. :*** ^-^ <3 ..& I promise my love that I’m only getting started.. :]] <3 ..Everything I’m doing right now.. ALL of it.. is to finally meet you.. kiss you.. hug you.. & to be yours.. n_n <3 I wanna see the look on your face when I hold you.. look into your eyes & tell you just how much I love you.. :’)) <3 You’re the main reason why I’m going through the happiest phase of my life.. :))) #ManyMANYKissies.. :********** xoxo

          Well, I hope that I made it a bit clearer exactly how I spent my time studying for the last 2 months.. haha :P ..& I hope I didnt bore you to DEATH with the tiny details of my UNIQUE & WEIRD journey that ended in a big success! :P

See you in my mentions AS ALWAYS beautiful… hehe ^-^ <3333 :**** xoxo






The Talented Trio.. haha :P <333 x

Jag Älskar Dig Så Väldigt Väldigt Väldigt VÄLDIGT Mycket Alisa… >_< xoxo <3 :***

To fall in love with someone like YOU was the only reason why I fell in love with music.. n__n <3